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Sexual subtext in Wreck It Ralph

From the movie Ralph
It will not be a comprehensive analysis of the "Ralph" movie. While I had some ideas following the film, but I try not to force them to coalesce statement yet. 
So as I was not going to write about Ralph Meanwhile But then I came across this concept art Image of the movie and I thought to myself: "This is not a subtext! That is  text!" (Lots of spoilers below! Have been warned!) 

Ralph, the hero of the film with the huge hands, feels his life is frustrating. Felix ,enemy of his game wins all the glory Ralph can only dream about. No, They do not fight over a girl, but a medal. Ralph wants to once win the game! So what does he do? Passing to another game just to win a medal. But what is the goal in this game called "duty hero"? Climbing a tall building and get the medal. This structure looks like a type of nuclear reactor that can release a pillar of light that makes all the bad bugs in the game be attracted to and die. Yes. You heard correctly. Tall building liberates powerful beam of lightning. 
So yes, it is a very phallic image but I would guess that this sexual subtext returns throughout the film. 

Sergeant Callahan - You have an automatic rifle or you just happy to see me?
King Candy, King of "SugarRush." Looks like a cross between Willy Wonka Mad Hatter
Willy Wonka Real
Willy Wonka
Mad Hatter

Venellope is also not very "Girlish". She's the kind who goes around with the boys. She lives in a world of pink candies but she goes with a hoodie and pants. She is a girl who loves racing cars! Even when she is suddenly wearing a dress, she runs away from it because it's not who she is. She feels good about being a cool boyish-girl cool. Doesn't feel the need to be strawberry pink girl. 

Who is the leader of this world's "duty hero"? A girl! Very masculine girl: Sergeant Callahan. She is surrounded by a gang of military men but she is tougher than all. What made her so tough and emotionally blocked? Trauma of the past. On her marriage ceremony, "under the canopy", a giant digital bug prey the chosen groom. That is, she can not love anymore. She was once a female (KILL BILL anyone?) But the tragedy had turned her into a cold war machine (or at least, colder than ever before, the trauma is part of her code, so she don't really has a "past"). You could say that marriage, like Kill Bill, were supposed to be her retirement from wars and the start of a bourgeois life which was foiled by the bug as it was foiled by Bill.

We shall continue ... 

From there, Ralph goes away to the land of "Sugar Rush", candy land. The avatars of this world are: little girls. Everything there is pink and sweet and cute creatures are everywhere. But hey! Who rules this world? An old man! King Candy.
Strange, isn't it? 
Let's look at another point. While Ralph and Felix aren't fighting over a girl at the end of their journey they do get "a girl". Felix marries Sergeant Callahan (where they live, I do not know...) and Ralph gets kind of little sister. That is, Felix manages to realize his manhood while Ralph satisfied with gazing afar, A brother, caring and concerned but non-beyond that. It is quite compatible with the place it is coming at the end of the film: he does not strive for victory and conquest! He is satisfied with the role of  a Bad guy in the game where the goal is to be the good guy. 
But what happened in that candy land? What is the climax of the movie? Look at this picture: 

This secret place that is hidden in Candy land is the home of venellope. This is a hidden, intimate, kind of a bug in the software of the game. It is a place that was not supposed to exist where she lives. In this cave there is pond of Diet Coke and above it there is a structure of an upside-down Mentos candy tower. That is, and this is very creative interpretation, an inside of a volcano circuits. Something that is calm but could at any moment explode. I think this is one of the most vaginal caves in design I've encountered. 
The peak of the film is an explosion. He makes the cave become the same powerful beam that was in  "Hero's duty".

Has to say: King Candy and the sergeant did not belong to the game they lead. 
The king just took over another game, not his own. But Sergeant ... She, like in "Kill Bill" (according to my interpretation) was scheduled to retire on her wedding day, but because of the destruction of her wedding she went back to the game tougher than ever. 
So maybe there really were some significant changes. At the end of the film she stopped fighting and got married. King Candy left the game of "Sugar Rush". While the other characters found their place, as they are, as it fits them. Each returned to his place. 

Strange, isn't it? 
The question remained open for me the most is what this says about Ralph? That the interpretation raises a character that has no sexual desires. A type of a disabled (he did not) Huge and kind satisfied with recognition and no girl. Something like the Hunchback of Notre Dame? I do not believe that victory is intended in the movie but then again,  Ralph is playing an outdated game and is struggling with games with more sophisticated animation and high resolution. He sees himself as an underdog in the gaming arena and strives for respect.  It is declared he understands he is that retro cool and nothing more. 
So is it Ralph? This is what you are? Retro cool? I still wonder. 

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